Figari, a forgotten paradise

A place of secluded creeks, kitesurfing spots and rolling vineyards, Figari and its surrounds make for an enchanting getaway destination in the southernmost tip of Corsica.

Huddled away from the main roads, the picturesque village of Figari – practically equidistant from Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio, both a dozen miles away in opposite directions – lies in undulating scenery striped with vines. With its flower market, lively squares and 18th century church, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing stroll. Or if you’re feeling more energetic, hiking trails will take you to the prehistoric sites and Roman ruins of Figari’s distant past.

Just below, the coast, fringed by untamed and unspoilt countryside, stretches gracefully from the cove of Roccapina to the town of Bonifacio. On the slopes of the looming Montagne de Cagna, the flora morphs into a luxuriant blanket of scrub with an impressively diverse range of plant species. Along the coast, meanwhile, the undulating green folds harbour many a secluded inlet and beach, lapped by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. If diving is your bag, expect to be spoilt by the rich underwater world in this corner of Corsica. You might also choose to try your hand at kitesurfing or windsurfing – the bay is a renowned spot for both.

The area around Figari is an excellent wine-growing region, the southernmost in Corsica – indeed in France – and also one of the oldest. It produces wines with heaps of character using iconic varieties of grape sporting names infused with a local flavour: Nielluciu, Vermentinu, Sciaccarellu… The wines are a heavenly accompaniment – in moderation, of course – with charcuterie, cheeses and other delicacies from the local farms. If you didn’t already know, southern Corsica is a foodie destination, too!